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The 7 Layers of Cyber Security


While it’s now easier to connect, communicate, and collaborate, it’s also become increasingly essential tosafeguard our virtual lives. Digital footprints are not limited to social media profiles – they encompass personal information, business data, financial details, everything. This invaluable data attracts a new breed of criminals — cyber-attackers. They exploit vulnerabilities in systems, networks, and even human behaviour to gain unauthorised access, steal, and sometimes hold information hostage. Cyber threats aren’t confined to big corporations or government entities. Everyone, from the individual browsing the internet at home to a multinational company, is at risk. In essence, cyber security can’t be an afterthought anymore; it’s a necessity. Just as we lock our homes before leaving or put on seatbelts while driving, ensuring our digital safety needs to become second nature. It’s a common misconception that cyber security is just about having a strong password or installing the latest antivirus software. While these are vital components, there’s so much more to the story. Cyber security is like the layers of an onion. Peel back one layer, and there’s another underneath. The seven layers of cyber security work in tandem to create a resilient shield, protecting personal data, intellectual property, critical infrastructure, and everything in between.