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Frequently Asked Questions

  • IT Support Solutions What do you do?

    Steadfast Solutions is an IT Managed Serviced Provider. Small to Medium Businesses generally don’t have an IT department Our company fills that void.

  • IT Support Solutions What is IT Managed Services?

    Steadfast Solutions IT Managed Services is a customised program to ensure your critical IT infrastructure is maintained, monitored and administered correctly.

  • IT Support Solutions What do I get for the money?

    A lot! As a minimum, we protect your business by ensuring backups are being completed and monitored. We also ensure appropriate security and compliance is in place. From there we tailor the program based on each clients requirements and budget.

  • IT Support Solutions Can I have one technician assigned?

    No! We believe in a no eggs in one basket approach. If that technician was on leave it would certainly be disastrous! Our company has a comprehensive quality system in place which ensures your system is documented correctly. We also ensure knowledge on all systems we support is kept up to date to ensure consistency of service across all technicians.

  • IT Support Solutions Do we get an account manager?

    Yes! Scheduled meetings are set as part of the service agreement. We love catching up, the IT landscape changes all the time. We need to keep you up to date on your systems and technology.

  • IT Support Solutions How much does it cost?

    Our service agreement is customisable. We tailor our agreements based on setting a minimum security and compliance standard, from there we design the program together. Our IT managed services are best suited to companies with 10+ computers.

  • IT Support Solutions What industries do you serve?

    Steadfast Solutions provide support to small to medium businesses. As a result we support a large number of industries. These include (but not limited to) Construction, Finance, Accounting, Legal, Real Estate, Architecture just to name a few

  • IT Support Solutions Where are you based?

    Steadfast Solutions is located in Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia. From these two locations, Steadfast Solutions is able to serve the technology needs of small to large organisations across Australia.

  • IT Support Solutions What are the benefits of Proactive support over Reactive support?

    Our proactive programs will minimise downtime and disruptions, and help maximise productivity in your business. This will allow you to focus on your business at hand, leaving Steadfast Solutions to worry about your IT issues.

    Steadfast Solutions look at becoming your very own IT Department. You would expect your own IT Department to do everything in its power to stay on top of your IT needs for you, rather than wait until something goes wrong.

  • IT Support Solutions How do you know what is happening with our IT Infrastructure?

    As we all know a very important part of running a business is ensuring you have a reliable IT platform to run your business on, and an understanding on how well it is running.

    As part of our proactive support programs we include 24/7 monitoring throughout your entire IT Infrastructure. This give us a live real-time view of everything connected to your network in your business.

  • IT Support Solutions What other benefits does 24/7 monitoring give us?

    Faster response times and rectifying the problem before they become larger costly issues.As we use an enterprise monitoring solution it also comes with an alert system. The system will automatically alert the technical team of any issues that may arise on the network. i.e. power failure, faulty hardware, network dropouts, internet failure etc.

    For an example. We put rules and policies in place so if your computer reaches a critical level with your hard drive storage and memory the system will alert the technical team straight away. This always allows us to keep your computer running at an optimal performance level , as well as extending the life of the computer.

  • IT Support Solutions Do you provide Asset Management?

    Yes, we do! You would be surprised to see how large and complex your IT assets are. They also expand to several different devices and services. We document them under our services agreement and keep you informed of where they are in their life span.

    Far too often companies forget to renew services like domain names. Warranties on critical devices like servers expire. This leaves the business vulnerable to extended outages. We take care of all this and keep you informed when they are due.