In Australia, the technological response to the coronavirus rests on an advanced app known as COVIDSafe. This app first launched in late April and has since been downloaded by many Australians who are eager to do their part.

As much of Australia transitions to remote work solutions, many businesses are seeing a decrease in their employees’ productivity. While some decrease might be unavoidable, there are ways to minimize any loss in efficiency.

Steadfast Solutions specialises in helping Australian organisations deal with tech security issues and especially security issues with Zoom.

Steadfast Solutions supports organizations using Microsoft Teams in Australia. Call in the Microsoft support experts and we’ll help with Microsoft Teams.

By shifting to Cloud services in Australia, industry leaders reduce expenses and better achieve goals. These are quantifiable reasons to embrace the new normal.

Ransomware schemes present a clear and present danger to Australian organisations. A strategy that adds layers of protection and training enhances cybersecurity.

The Outlook ‘Send Later’ option offers professionals increased productivity and communication proficiency benefits. It also allows clear heads to prevail. 

Are there potential gaps in your readiness for protracted working from home? This quick-hit business checklist will walk you through the top topics for maintaining productivity and quality with remote workers.

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Employees who do not update usernames and passwords create ransomware attack risks. But a determined 2FA cybersecurity strategy adds a layer of protection.