CISOs should create a hierarchical work structure that enhances high collaboration and allows for simple and clear delegation of tasks.

Microsoft Teams is an invaluable business tool, and according to Statista, its usage has doubled over the past few months, and it currently has more than 75 million users. It’s not hard to see why.  

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Microsoft Forms has become one of the most powerful business tools in your arsenal since it allows you to simply create forms that collect real-time information about a product, service, internal process, concept, or experience from colleagues and collaborators.

Are you already using Microsoft Teams for a majority of your business communication processes? Don’t you wish there was a Microsoft Teams phone system? 

The odds are high that the majority of this country’s job force will be working in remote locations well into the new year. Thus, cyber-attacks and other online threats will be on the rise as well.

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It’s sometimes difficult to wrap our heads around the fact that we live in a world where things you cannot see can hurt. A tiny virus none of us can see without a microscope proved our health, wellness, and economic vulnerabilities. The same holds true of the dark web, which has evolved into a significant business threat.

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