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Are you up to date on all the changes that Microsoft has made to Office 365 and OneDrive? Learn how to migrate files here.  

Save Your Files To Cloud

In order to protect against any device loss or damage, and to provide all authorised users access to files, it’s recommended that you store them in Office 365. Previously Microsoft announced the Known Folder Move (KFM) in OneDrive for anyone who uses Windows 7, 8.1, and Windows 10. The Known Folder Move offers an easy method to redirect your documents and folders to OneDrive, which makes OneDrive the default storage for those files. When using KFM, your files are automatically synced to OneDrive without any disruption to your productivity or efficiency.

How Can I Migrate Files to OneDrive Easily with Known Folder Move?

Here is a reminder on how the Known Folder Move works.

Known folders are global pointers in Windows which represent an exact location on the user’s drive. These known folders help users organise their most crucial files and access them in a variety of applications. KFM assists you in moving your documents, desktop and pictures in to OneDrive. All user content is synced automatically to OneDrive without any disruption to your output. At the same time, KFM will move your content into OneDrive keeping it synced to the cloud, accessible from any or your own devices, protected against harm.

IT administrators can deploy a group policy to your users that will encourage them to perform KFM. Any eligible end users can access the KFM experience by clicking on one of the KFM toast notifications or in the OneDrive settings > AutoSave > Update folders.

How Do I Save to the Cloud More Easily?

In order to make it easier to create and save Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents directly to the cloud, Microsoft has added a new dialogue box that automatically defaults to OneDrive or SharePoint Online. Additionally, if you forget to save the document before you exit the program, you will see this updated save experience.

Once the document is saved to the cloud, you can rename it and change the location from the title bar.

All of these features, including OneDrive Files On-Demand for Mac, are Microsoft’s investments to make it easier for users to get their files into the cloud. When saving to the cloud, you’ll be able to securely access your most critical documents from any of your devices to begin collaborating with others on your team from the start.

How Does OneDrive Connect Me to My Personal and Shared Files?

Microsoft is continuously innovating ways for OneDrive to better connect you with your files in Office 365. Using the power of artificial intelligence to help productivity and adding new compliance and security abilities to protect data are two of the goals for Microsoft.

How Can I Access Files from All My Devices?

On-Demand Files for Mac

OneDrive On-Demand for Windows is now available for Mac. Files On-Demand for Mac makes it easy to have access to your files, while only storing the files currently in use on your personal device. You can work with your files just like before, because all of your files are available in Finder to work with. This feature is available to both consumer and commercial customers. New icons in Finder tell you which files are locally available or online. As you use online files, they will download and become available locally.

Files On-Demand also benefits IT admins and organisations. Before this change, when Mac users changed a file in a shared library on SharePoint, the file was synced out to all devices connected to that library. Files On-Demand reduces network bandwidth by eliminating the need to sync share files other people are collaborating on, that you are not using. Admins will have all the control they require for managing options to enable Files On-Demand by default or block access as needed. Files On-Demand for Mac is also available for Office Insiders on macOS Mojave.

Can I Upload Images?

Camera Upload is available for OneDrive for Business accounts on iOS and Android. Using Camera Upload keeps important business media recorded on mobile devices secure and managed by your organisation. With this addition, OneDrive uploads photos and videos on the mobile device Camera Roll to the chosen OneDrive for Business account.

How Can I Share Inside or Outside My Organisation?

Share to Teams

OneDrive makes it easier to share content from your desktop or mobile device with any team you are a member of in Microsoft Teams. Just tap once to share.

Improving Share with Me on Mobile

Microsoft has updated the Shared view to present more recently relevant content. It will display and allow you to sort using metadata such as “date shared” to help assist you in staying updated.

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