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Do You Know What An IT Risk Assessment Could Discover?

Don’t assume that your cybersecurity is infallible just because you haven’t encountered an issue yet – have Steadfast Solutions conduct a risk assessment so you can be sure.

So often these days when you talk about security with someone — a coworker, another member of your industry, a security vendor at a tradeshow — you hear the same things over and over.

“WannaCry was the biggest security event the world has seen yet – and your business may be next!”

“Without our 20-point security defense strategy, you won’t stand a chance against hackers! You need antivirus, antispam, antimalware, etc., etc.”

“Let me tell it to you straight – you will get hit by hackers sometime soon, possibly even as we speak. What you do to defend yourself doesn’t matter – what you need is cyber-liability insurance…”

The problem with all these “hot-takes”? They overlook what is both the most common and (with the right attention) most preventable threat to a given business’ security.

What’s The Primary Security Threat To Be Aware Of?

More often than anything else, security isn’t a matter of antivirus software, or unhackable blockchains, or anything else like that. The truth is that security facets like that are surface level – what’s at the core of security?

The user. Maybe it sounds too simple, or maybe it sounds like hyperbole to try to overshadow things like WannaCry with the potential threat posed by members of the business itself.

What’s The Best Way To Make Sure Your Staff Members Aren’t Security Risks?

Have Your Cybersecurity Double Checked By An Expert!

Steadfast Solutions will conduct an in-depth risk assessment of your IT to ensure there are no overlooked vulnerabilities waiting to be exploited – such as…

  • Unaware Employees A survey done by CompTIA shows that human errors are responsible for 52 percent of all security breaches. Don’t let a lack of knowledge put you at risk.
  • Malicious Employees Similarly, employees with the wrong motivation are uniquely positioned to cause serious damage. Lax access practices make it easy for someone to do real harm if they want to.

What Does A Risk Assessment Include?

  • Identify Your Risks: Steadfast Solutions will comprehensively test and evaluate your IT network to provide you with a clear roadmap to leading-edge cybersecurity protocols.
  • Discover Your Solutions: Once the results are compiled, we deliver solutions to you directly. Our team will summarise your firm’s IT strengths and weaknesses while laying out a series of sound solutions.
  • Trust A Holistic Approach: Beyond the technical aspects of cybersecurity management and risk mitigation, Steadfast Solutions will also educate your staff to recognise modern cybersecurity risks. It is critical for every member of your firm to understand the dangers that malware, ransomware, viruses, phishing schemes and a range of other cyber-related crimes pose to your government relations firm.

Don’t leave your cybersecurity in question any longer – get in touch with Steadfast Solutions at 1300 739_ 335 or to book your risk assessment today.

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