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What You Need to Know About Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms has become one of the most powerful business tools in your arsenal since it allows you to simply create forms that collect real-time information about a product, service, internal process, concept, or experience from colleagues and collaborators. Once you start using Microsoft Forms, you will find it easy to visually manifest data using the automatic charting feature. There are countless uses for this tool including gathering feedback, gauging satisfaction, and improving decision-making based on real-time information. Before diving into the software, it is important to learn more about the programme and how it can be used with Microsoft Teams.

Attaching Files

Although Microsoft Forms does not currently support attaching files, the software is constantly being improved and updated for functionality. Microsoft has discussed plans for making this feature available in future updates. Also, Forms currently features a variety of other tools where you can collaborate and share in Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.

Creating Folders

At this time there is no option to create folders in Microsoft Forms, but you can organise different forms by colour so that they are categorised. When you search for a form name or the owner of the form, the theme appears in the form card. As mentioned, Microsoft regularly updates the software, so folders are a feasible addition for the future.

Getting Forms for Your Business

If you do not currently have Forms, then the easiest option is to sign up for an Office 365 subscription. Most commercial, educational, and government Office 365 licences feature free Microsoft Forms access. Often, your IT administrator must add the free Teams access to the subscription to be used within your company. If you currently have an Office 365 subscription, then simply open a web browser, and enter Then log in with your credentials and follow the prompts to begin creating new or accessing default forms.

Most Common Uses

While Forms has countless uses, the software is mostly used to collect user responses and survey data. Companies can use this exceptional tool to gather feedback on products and services, survey employees about their workplace experiences, and request advice on projects to help make key decisions. Other companies use it to share surveys, quizzes, and other similar documents. One of the best benefits of this resource is the visualised data tool. The gathered data is automatically converted into graphs and charts to make the information easier to read and interpret, and more functional.

Most Common Users

Microsoft Forms was designed with all business sizes in mind, and most organisations have access to this resource since it is part of Office 365 installations. Any user with access can easily create and share a form with other departments or individual colleagues.

Sharing a Microsoft Form

Sharing a Form is as simple as opening the form you wish to share, click the Share button, and copying a link to the form’s URL. Simply paste this link into an email, Teams message, or any other communication tool to share with your audience. To stop sharing a form, you need to open the Share window and click the trashcan icon which will remove the Collaborate URL link. This is beneficial when you are no longer accepting new responses after a predetermined time.

Using Forms With Microsoft Teams

Given that Forms and Microsoft Teams fall under the Office 365 suite, the software was designed to be used cross-platform. Forms can be accessed directly from Teams so you can setup a Forms tab, add an existing form to gather responses, create a new form, show survey results, create notification from your form, collaborate on a form, or conduct a quick poll within a team. All these functions occur within the Microsoft Teams work environment.

Office 365 Plans That Include Forms

Office 365 Education businesses and users have access to Forms, as does Office 365 Business Essentials, Office 365 Enterprise E1, E3, and E5, and Office 365 Business Premium. Also, any user with a personal Microsoft account can use Forms. Microsoft recently launched Forms Pro which is an enhanced version allowing you to integrate with Dynamics 365, apply branding, and set up workflow automation.

Microsoft Forms is an intuitive and easy-to-use tool that is an excellent business solution included in most Office 365 subscriptions and is integrated with Microsoft Teams. The software delivers attractive forms, charts, and graphs to deliver an exceptional user experience, including when accessed on mobile devices. While some survey software has free plans, there are common limits on functionality before upgrading. Forms is already part of most Office 365 accounts, so there is no additional access to purchase. Overall, Microsoft Forms is an excellent option for your business.

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