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Get the IT services and support you need to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals in business.

Steadfast Solutions’ managed IT services help to ensure your operations are always running smoothly, within budget, and without any headaches for you and your staff. While an in-house IT team can be beneficial in some cases, more often than not, working with an outsourced team like ours will provide a wider range of resources, thanks to our comprehensive knowledge, skill and support that you can’t always get from an in-house department.

Steadfast Solutions is proud to offer a valuable range of vital IT services and solutions, including:

  • Managed IT Services:Our uniquely developed managed service offering provides a range of features to ensure that your IT is effective, reliable and well-supported.
  • IT Security:From managed Wi-Fi to email encryption, our team of cyber security experts can equip your business with a range of protective measures to keep you safe from viruses, malware and ransomware.
  • Business Continuity:Our multi-step approach to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery will help you to develop a clear strategy for how to act in the event of a disaster in order to protect your assets and return to an operational state as quickly as possible.
  • Cloud Services:Steadfast Solutions can move your business into the cloud solutions that will eliminate the need for conventional hardware while providing advanced file-sharing capability and greater security.
  • VCIO Solutions:As your Virtual Chief Information Officer, we will help you plan your technology to properly support your business as it grows with a detailed and actionable IT roadmap.
  • Microsoft Office 365:This premium Microsoft cloud service provides email solutions and file sharing capability, allowing you to collaborate on projects, share work, hold meetings and so much more.

Choose Steadfast Solutions as your partner in IT to get the support you need to gain a competitive edge over your competitors. Call us on 1300 739 335 or send us an email at hello@steadfastsolutions.com.au to get started today.


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