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Move Your Business Phones Into The Cloud Today!

Traditional phone systems are no longer the best option for business. Landlines are expensive, rigid and increasingly inconvenient, so why not modernise your business' phone systems? Hosted in Steadfast Solutions’ secure cloud environment, Steadfast Solutions’ Cloud Phone System can deliver one simple solution to link employees in the office, working from home and on the road.
Business Telephone Systems
Cloud PBX provides all the key features of a business-grade phone system plus unified communications, including...
  • No more line rental and a low initial investment;
  • Perfect for multi-site offices;
  • Quick setup and easily scalable up to 200 users;
  • No hardware to purchase, manage or maintain;
  • For mobile workers it can work on multiple devices (iPhone, Android, Mac, PC); and
  • Free inter-office calls.

Big Results for a Small Outlay

Hardware storage, maintenance and management is yesterday's business with Steadfast Solutions’ Cloud Phone System. A small monthly investment for the voice services that you use is all that is required, and you can scale up or down as your business requirements change (starting with as little as four extensions). This removes the fundamental risk and cost associated with owning or managing your in-house equipment and allows you more time to focus on your business.
With free inter-office calls (same site, multi-site home office or on the road), you can reduce your call costs dramatically. Also, the reduced need for onsite support means your savings grow exponentially.
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Cloud PBX Grows with Your Business

Steadfast Solutions’ Cloud Phone System allows you the flexibility to scale your telephone system up or down without the need for expensive hardware upgrades. As your business grows, your Voice Cloud Phone System can be quickly provisioned and there is no installation scheduling or delays. A simple and efficient rollout also means you can add features or services to meet your needs as quickly as they arise.

Improve Your Efficiency and Productivity

Increase employee efficiency and productivity with powerful business-grade telephony features such as:
  1. Low Cost VoIP Solutions
    An all-in-one softphone, Instant Messaging and Presence engine (along with Outlook and Exchange contact synchronisation). You have the ability to initiate and manage audio conferences via a graphical user interface. You can choose between using the in-built softphone or pairing Cloud Communicator with a handset to provide easy and flexible call management through its intuitive interface.
  2. Melbourne Business Telephone Solutions
    See, in real time, when extension users are available with Presence Panel, a desktop application is ideal for staff dealing with inbound calls. Staff can utilise the Click to Call functionality which leads to a better overall caller experience.
  3. Low Cost Phone Systems Melbourne
    Integrate voice and email with e-Call, a plug-in that integrates your telephone directory with your Microsoft Outlook and Exchange contacts. You can click-to-call from within Outlook and recognise incoming calls from people in your contacts list via pop-ups.

Flexibility to Suit Your Business

Adding and moving phone extensions is a simple self-serve administrative process across single and multiple sites - It is not a complex technical process.
Easy to use voicemail, configurable auto attendant, call transfer, and call hunt groups/queues, simplify your inbound call management and distribution, providing your customers a more personalised service experience. Individual inbound user features such as Find Me, Follow Me, and Call Forwarding provide flexibility and control to staff, enabling them to manage their individual communications. This gives your team the flexibility to adapt and change telephony possibilities over time - leaving you in control of your communications.
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Always Contactable

Telephone Technology Solutions
With the Steadfast Solutions’ Cloud Phone System, your telephony reaches to wherever you are located; in the office, working from home, or on the road. Another great feature is the flexibility in the types of devices that can be used to provide access; either a certified IP handset, a PC-based softphone (Cloud Communicator UC client) or a compatible smartphone/tablet client. Also, being delivered via the Cloud, there is no reliance on premise-based equipment. Steadfast Solutions’ Voice Cloud provides a robust service and an expediated path to disaster recovery.

How Steadfast Solutions Will Help

Steadfast Solutions’ expertise in VOIP and associated systems means that we understand the complex nature of delivering real-time, critical communications in a business environment. We provide businesses with a reliable and superior service, for small to medium businesses in the telephony domain.

"Thank you Steadfast Solutions for all your help"

"We originally had only two phone lines with our old on-premise PABX phone system, which limited our productivity.  Our lines were constantly clogged up and in use, which was frustrating for us and our customers.  We engaged Steadfast Solutions, who implemented a new cloud-based PABX phone system. The best part about it all is we increased the capacity and productivity of our phone system, we have also seen our phone bill decrease.  We are very excited about our new phone system and its ability to easily be expanded as we grow."
Ash Bassett, Director, Harcourts Evolve – Seaford.

Why Choose Steadfast Solutions?

  • Steadfast Solutions is based in Melbourne and Brisbane, but can deliver nationally.
  • Steadfast Solutions’ Cloud Phone System prioritises voice quality using business grade Internet, Layer 2 or Layer 3 Private Network connectivity services.
  • Steadfast Solutions’ Voice Cloud is standards-based, designed to work in a multi-vendor environment, so you can continue to buy equipment from a range of vendors if required.
  • Steadfast Solutions can provide a single solution that bundles your handsets, Cloud telephony service, connectivity services, and voice carriage all in one.
  • Steadfast Solutions’ Voice Cloud is securely hosted in Australia and backed by a local 24 x 7 Network Operations Centre.
Stop relying on landline phones! For more information about Cloud PBX, reach out to Steadfast Solutions at 1300 739 335 or send us an email at hello@steadfastsolutions.com.au.