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IT Asset Management Services

Asset Management is an incredibly important business function for any organisation. At Steadfast Solutions, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide this service in a proactive and effective manner.

Server Warranty Renewals

Servers are a central function for many organisations. Without it, what would you do? At Steadfast Solutions, we give you all available options to renew your warranty ahead of time. These warranties ensure that if your server was to fail, you would receive fast and free service from the manufacturer. Depending on the manufacturer, if could be within 4 hours of it failing.

If you don’t have a server warranty, you could face serious business downtime. The manufacturer will charge you for parts and labour if it fails and your call out won’t be within a specific time. This could be detrimental to your organisation’s functionality. At Steadfast Solutions, we take our responsibility to you very seriously, therefore we always offer these warranties to our clients a head of time. If the device is too old to be renewed, we will review your services and consult you on the purchase of a new server.

Workstation Warranty Renewals

For many organisations, majority of work takes place on laptops and desktops. Are you prepared to pay for a new part or workstation if it is out of warranty and something fails? Renewing your device takes away financial stress and reduces downtime for yourself and/or your affected employee.

When available, we will provide you with a quotation for your device’s associated warranty 60 days ahead of time. We will also let you know if there are no options available to renew your device so that your business is prepared if it fails.

Licensing and Subscriptions

Whenever your subscriptions and licenses come up for renewal, Steadfast Solutions reviews them for you. Does your license number match your users? Is it still the right subscription/ license for you? Are you still in compliance with the manufacturer? What happens if the provider conducts an audit? What happens if I don’t renew a service in time?

Rest easy as Steadfast Solutions looks after all these requirements for you. We will always ensure that your business is covered in all of the above situations.

Domain Names and Hosting

Domain names, when set up correctly, can be used as a means to effectively promote an organisation’s brand. At Steadfast Solutions, we ensure that your domain name is always well maintained. This includes always ensuring it is renewed in time and accurately updating information on ownership.

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