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Steadfast Solutions specialises in working with businesses large and small across Australia as their premiere Microsoft support partner.

Australian Businesses Closed Due to Phishing Freight Scam Several Australian businesses have become the targets of a phishing freight scam losing an average of $30,000 to $100,000.   Phishing is on the rise as a method of online criminal activity focused on businesses. Victims are being scammed out of tens of thousands of dollars via […]

Microsoft is working with healthcare organisations around the world to help create pathways to more accurately diagnose diseases using artificial intelligence.

Looking for the right managed security service provider to protect your organisation from cyber crime, ransomware and disasters? Here are some questions to ask.

Australian police ended a telecom scam in NSW closing the door on millions of dollars in theft.  The New South Wales Police has shut down a Sydney-based syndicate with members who posed as telecom technicians and persuaded victims to enable remote access on their home or business computers in order to “fix” a security flaw […]

Do you need a secure hosting and cloud-based storage service? Perhaps it’s time to consider looking for an outside consultant to handle these IT services for your organisation. A good managed service provider can take the IT security issues off your hands and save you money in the process.