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How familiar are you with all of the types of cyber attacks your company can become a victim of?  The list of companies who have faced a cyber attack recently is long and growing longer. Equifax, British Airways, Cathay Pacific to name just a few. In 2018 alone, the Ponemon Institute measured the costs of these […]

Capital One Data Breach Affects More Than 100 Million Customers and Small Businesses in The U.S. & 6 Million in Canada On July 29, 2019, Capital One reported that their customers’ confidential information was compromised. This includes the Social Security and bank account numbers of more than 100 million people and small businesses in the U.S., […]

In today’s day and age, finding a reliable IT services firm is essential. Businesses and organisations in all industries need strategic and responsive IT professionals in their corner to ensure business networks are running optimally at all times.

myGov Outage Upsets Tax Return System Causing Mayhem If you’ve experienced difficulties with the Australian Government’s myGov website, you aren’t alone. The myGov portal — the online system that Australians use to access their employer payment summaries for tax purposes and to access Medicare and Centrelink services — was down on Friday morning, July 12th. […]

Microsoft Teams offers new ways for Australian manufacturing workers to improve their work-life balance, workplace culture, and streamline communication.

Phishing is one of the most commonly-used cyberattacks in Australia. Statistics from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner show that phishing accounts for 39 percent of all breaches reported. Therefore, it’s important to be aware of how to protect yourself at home and at work from phishing. How does phishing work? The victim receives an email […]

How do you find the right IT service provider for a non-profit childcare centre? Here are questions to ask when interviewing IT companies for your organisation.

Microsoft proudly considers Windows 10 their most secure operating system yet. For busy business professionals, this is great news. Above all, it means that Windows 10 users can rest assured their operating system is proactively designed to keep their network and data secure.

40% of manufacturers are concentrating on improving their own production efficiency. By using new digital technologies, they are pinpointing optimisation opportunities to reduce disruption through the use of better monitoring and predictive maintenance in production centres and along supply chains.

Ransomware attacks have caused business interruption and other lingering damage to Australian small- and medium-sized business, enough damage that 22 percent have been forced to close after an attack. Ransomware attacks have paralysed business operations so much so that new research has reported that 31 percent of organisations have yet to determine how they were […]

The Steadfast Solutions team is excited to announce that we are officially certified as a Microsoft Silver Cloud Solutions Partner.

Chances are, you already use cloud computing in your personal life with applications such as Facebook, Gmail, and Dropbox. But what about your business? According to a recent study, 31% of companies still don’t use cloud computing to organize and operate their business. Although some of these companies stated they plan to implement cloud computing at some […]