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Understanding your past financial data is essential to forecasting for the future. Without analysing the data, your emotions or your opinion of what you’d like to happen with your business in the future are likely to colour your forecast. One easy way to use your past data to predict your business future is to build […]

How do you usually shop when you need something like a gift for a friend, a new pair of shoes, or a bike for your son or daughter? Today more than ever before, Americans make a beeline for the computer or a big box store when it comes to getting through their shopping list. And […]

Google launched its Google Maps web mapping service in February 2005. The service stood out as innovative for the times, providing users with detailed satellite overviews of countries, cities, and streets. It provides a “bird’s eye” or “top-down” view of an area using satellite imagery as well as aerial photography taken from between 240 and […]

Look around you. Your desk lamp, your headphones, that smartphone in your hands — everything you own and use daily was created in the mind of an entrepreneur. Sure, it may be mass-produced now, but at one time, every item in existence had to be thought up, created, and marketed for the very first time. It took […]

Amazon unleashed Alexa in 2014, and the artificial intelligence industry was transformed overnight. It’s common for technology devices to be marketed based on their compatibility with Alexa, shifting the trend of smart devices and home automation into uncharted territory.

American companies are making a play for Australia’s digital attention by offering innovative services. The dominance being imposed by foreign organisations should be viewed as significant forays into the country’s IT infrastructure and serve as a wake-up call. The examples of international interest in Australia’s eCommerce business is as follows: Amazon has established access for […]

Teachers are always striving to provide the best education possible for their students while often operating within strict budget constraints. Office 365 provides an abundance of technology that is often free for educators. There are several reasons why teachers should use Office 365 in their classrooms.  1. Provides a Variety of Apps Office 365 […]

As you likely know, when there is a My Health Record in place, one can privately view their personal health information online. No matter where they are, they have access to that important information on any device connected to the Internet. The beauty of this is that most Australians essentially carry their health history with […]

Are you considering taking another step forward with your IT career? With the dynamic, disruptive technologies emerging today, the opportunity to lead the technology initiatives within an organization is an enticing prospect. To be a chief information officer today means having a deep technical background, leadership expertise, and the ability to influence other senior leaders. […]

Today people are busier than ever. Whether you are overloaded at work or have mounting commitments away from the office, facing a long list of to-dos can quickly overwhelm even the most productive person. Luckily there is a way to get things done when the number of tasks you need to complete seems never-ending. The […]

As a business owner, executive or manager, you may use a lawyer for many different reasons. You may need a lawyer to look over your business contracts, to help when you buy or sell a business, to help you with any tax issues that may arise or to help with any personal injury lawsuits that […]