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Here Are The 10 Things You’re Doing Wrong Email is a very effective marketing tool. However, it’s also tough to execute properly. If you don’t plan correctly, understand what you’re doing wrong and how to remedy this, you’re simply wasting your time and money. You aren’t getting new subscribers. If you can’t entice new subscribers, […]

“I’m sure there are a dozen other things the Steadfast Solution team does behind the scenes to help us out. What I know for sure is that since we brought them on, we haven’t had another computer problem that has lost us productivity or cost us money.”

It’s important to take note of the fact that these backups are not enough to support your business in the event of a worst-case scenario. Contrary to what you might believe, the terms data backup and Business Continuity are not interchangeable. Rather, data backups are just one part of a Business Continuity solution.

It’s never easy to terminate an employee. The skill of firing with flair is a sensitive but necessary process that everyone should learn! It happens to the best of us. We post an advertisement for an available position on job boards across the Internet. We scour through the thousands (and thousands) of submitted resumes. We […]

Hint: It Will If Your IT Network Goes Down. You’re lying in bed, almost asleep when, “Oh no! Another lightning strike -that means the power probably went out in the office!” Does the sound of thunder keep you awake at night wondering if your IT network will be up and running the next morning? It […]

Over the past few years, productivity suites have become more and more popular with businesses of all sizes, in a wide and varied range of industries. It’s the type of solution that has something to offer everyone. Cloud-based technologies, in general, are changing the way businesses view the capabilities of their technology – especially Microsoft Office 365.

The Competition is Fierce in the World of Sports and Wearable Devices. Wearable technology in sports is now commonplace as multiple teams and coaches look for ways to gain an advantage over their competitors. These wearable devices also allow non-professional athletes to track, monitor and improve their performance and well-being. Across all levels and types […]