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Outsourcing your IT services can lower your expenses and give you access to today’s most advanced technology. These are common reasons why businesses large and small choose outsourced IT providers. However, there are pros and cons of outsourcing. For instance, while you can definitely lower your costs, you also lose control of one area of […]

This chat-based meeting application for agile teams – but only if you know how to use it properly. So many things have changed in business circles. From lighting fast computers to programs that allow you to accomplish any task, today’s technology makes almost anything possible. One of the big changes in America’s corporate culture is […]

A relatively new set of guidelines enacted in the European Union requires many global organizations to reconsider their security practices and update their protective measures. A quick review of 2017 suggests that it was the worst year on record for cybersecurity – phrases like “data breach“, “phishing”, and “hackers” were uttered in the news so […]

The best way to get the most from your technology is by partnering with a professional IT support team. The sooner you do it, the sooner you can get back to what you really love doing—building your own business and serving your valued customers.

There are few things worse than feeling trapped in an unfulfilling relationship – especially when it’s a vital business relationship. Technology is an integral part of everything your business does, which raises a few important questions about your current IT set up. For starters, what is your relationship like with your technology systems – rock […]

The IEEE 802.11ac hardware has been on the market about a year now, and is remarkably faster than the 802.11n standard gear it’s overtaking. Steadfast Solutions can help you establish 802.11ac business WiFi solutions to help optimize your wireless networking, using the best AC router available. 

Microsoft has dominated the business world for a long time. It is on every computer, in every office, no matter if that is a library or a Fortune 500 company. We use Microsoft Word to create the newsletters for our businesses and collate our data with Microsoft Excel. As familiar as we are with these […]

The deadline is rapidly approaching. You literally only have a few weeks left to bring your IT security policies and protection up to speed in light of the new data breach laws. The good news is, Australian businesses can rapidly prepare for the new data breach notification laws with Steadfast Solutions, who delivers you the […]

Due to recent expansion, a graduate IT support engineer role is now available at Steadfast Solutions – are you the right person for the job? Steadfast Solutions services all sizes of customers from boutiques to large retail chains, and in a host of industries from construction to professional services. One of the ways that we […]

In the fight to avoid security breaches, one area has proven over and over to be the weakest link. It’s the human factor. A survey done by CompTIA shows that human errors are responsible for 52 percent of all security breaches. Each day employees open emails; it’s part of their job. Often there are links […]