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Ransoc is ransomware that searches the victim’s drive for social media profiles and files that may be illegal or embarrassing. It locks up the computer and threatens the user with fines and prison, demanding a credit card payment. A new form of ransomware hits its victims with a new and nasty twist. Unlike the best-known […]

Though we never know when disaster will strike, we can adequately plan for one. Even with some amount of lead time, however, many things can go wrong. Each incident is unique and unfolds in unexpected ways. This is where having a truly effective business continuity plan in place matters. To make sure your organization has […]

Are you an SMB enterpriser looking for better IT support, consulting, and services? We are the premier choice for better IT solutions in Brisbane for many business owners, because of our dedication to strategic IT planning and support that combines technical expertise, advanced technology, and forward-looking know-how that can positively address any end-to-end IT contingency. […]

Any business can find new opportunities to streamline internal business processes. After all, any business activity or venture can accumulate complexity and confusion over time as an organization evolves. In addition, a process may become irrelevant as business models change, yet retain its grip on embedded company protocol. Some internal processes may also involve multiple […]

Steadfast Solutions understands your computer networking concerns in industries that span financial and banking, accounting, law, construction, and real estate, among others. We understand you must be precise in your calculations and communications, with data access and transmissions needing to be spot-on. And, we understand that your computer network is the backbone and nerve centre […]

Many businesses gather and utilize customer feedback in their business strategy to ensure the products and services they produce meet their customers’ needs. Integrating customer feedback helps with client communications and management, and in developing better products and services at the same time. We’ve identified three main ways to gather client feedback from your website […]

Steadfast Solutions is proud to have recently hosted a crucial webinar earlier this month, providing valuable information to clients and newcomers alike on the ever-present threat of ransomware. Presented by Steadfast Solutions Director and CEO Ian Brady, the webinar offered a comprehensive consideration of the topic, first helping attendees to understand what ransomware is: a […]

Compliance is a component of business that no one wants to contend with, but it requires examination anyway. It’s perhaps why it’s getting such a nasty reputation: so many businesses and organizations fail to give it the proper attention, which it then gets short shrift, and then ends up becoming a costly issue in a […]

It has a history of frustrating both email security solutions experts and end-users alike with its wily-ness and adaptability to changing anti-spam measures through the years. But, where does spam proliferation stand in today’s security assessment? It’s still as problematic as ever, with up to half the world’s email being reported as spam, but with […]

Steadfast Thrilled to Welcome Newest Team Members as Company Grows One of the greatest parts about continuing to develop and grow as a company is the ability to recruit and hire some of the sharpest and eager IT professionals the Australian industry has to offer! Steadfast Solutions is thrilled to be welcoming a variety of […]

Australian IT Provider Opens Another Office in Brisbane and Hires New Team of Experts FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE BRISBANE, AU – November 10th 2016 –  As their growth continues, Steadfast Solutions is incredibly pleased to announce that they will be opening another location in Brisbane. Steadfast is pleased to be welcoming a variety of new professionals […]

With security standing as the number one problem in computer networking, Windows Server 2016 steps to the plate with an OS platform that promises much deeper safeguarding of data and communication, and defenses against malicious cyber attacks and breaches. The new Windows Server enhances the security of virtual machines, applications, and data with better protection […]