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As of August 25, Apple issued a “critical iOS update” designed to patch multiple zero-day security vulnerabilities which could conceivably allow a cyber attacker full control of any iPhone remotely “simply by clicking a link,” as “Digital Goddess” Kim Komando put it in her update on this subject on August 26. For those not aware […]

Why is everyone talking about being ‘hacked’!? The terminology has become so prevalent in today’s society that even kids talk about ‘hacking’ into their parent’s social media accounts – by figuring out their parent’s passwords.  Of course, it’s a bit more complex in the real world, and the threat of cyber-criminals is more real than […]

Steadfast Solutions is always working to improve our business and operations, making things easier for clients and refining how we interact and what we offer. That’s why we’re proud to announce our newly redesigned website, making it easier than ever for you to connect with us and take a look at all that Steadfast Solutions […]

What To Expect From The Windows 10 Anniversary Update In the beginning of August, Microsoft announced that it would launch an entirely new version of its Windows 10 operating system. As many users will attest to, the previous version of the system was riddled with inconsistencies, errors, and security flaws that caused companies to question […]

In today’s modern environment, businesses are more dependent on technology than they have been at any point in history. These days, it isn’t enough to just make sure that everything is configured properly or that all of your devices are all communicating with one another. You need to be able to gain valuable insight into […]

In the modern business world, generalised IT support simply won’t cut it. Yes, your current provider may offer a standard set of monitoring, security and support services, but to gain a real competitive advantage in the real estate industry, you need more. General IT firms are commonplace; if you want to get ahead, you need […]

Most Australian IT support providers offer a standard range of services such as monitoring, firewall and antivirus, but so does everyone else. How can you separate the best from the rest? For construction firms like yours, the key is finding a support provider that offers services specifically designed to work with the software and file […]

One of the most important technological tools that an office has at its disposal is by far its local intranet. These powerful networks are designed to be the digital support system employees need when they need it the most, with the only real limitation being that they have historically been confined to a single physical […]

Whether you’re sharing or uploading, Microsoft Stream offers protection for your business videos. Security has always been a primary concern for businesses who share videos. Thankfully, Microsoft Stream is here to eliminate any issues you might have with video sharing, and it can even encourage businesses to share videos more often. Here’s a look at […]

Success in the construction industry is not easily attained. In addition to strict deadlines, unforgiving conditions and budget variables, unsupported software is just one more factor that could affect your company’s prosperity, especially if it’s the specialised construction software that you rely on. That’s why you need expert construction industry support for your firm; that’s […]

Ironically, one of the major factors that takes up a huge amount of time in the day of a business owner involves creating the types of appointments that were supposed to make things easier in the first place. Though manually creating appointments certainly helps you with everything from customer flow to staffing, manually entering this […]

The recent discovery of the AdGholas malvertising campaign gives a whole new meaning to the idea of secret code. As the first to utilize steganography in a malware campaign, AdGholas operated successfully and stealthily since October 2015 before being discovered. To infect its targets, AdGholas’ malware incorporates malicious coding into secret messages that it then […]