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The Dell 43 Multiclient Monitor, also known as the P4317Q, is designed for the future of professional computer users and hard-core gamers, both of whom are looking for more immersion and information from their displays. Before the Dell 43, in most cases, these gamers, stock traders and marketing pros would have had to invest in […]

When ransomware viruses seize their files, some people and organizations feel they have little alternative but to pay the ransoms. Victims don’t want to reward hackers, yet they need to recover vital data. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always solve the problem. Horror Stories A hospital in Kansas recently sent money in exchange for access to information […]

In only a decade, YouTube has grown from a small startup, streaming video company to one of the dominant forms of entertainment and communication on the planet. YouTube estimates that almost one-third of all people on planet Earth with an Internet connection are among the site’s users. More than that, even when only considering mobile […]

Many of the concerns about upgrading to Windows 10 have to do with the initial compatibility of the operating system with the computer. Before you commit yourself to an upgrade, you can manually run a Windows compatibility checker if the program does not automatically check for compatibility when you start. Here is the process for […]